From design to after-sales.

We share projects and emotions.


From design to after-sales service: we take care of every project with passion by creating the best solutions for you, for your environments and for your desires.

“To share” is our mission: your dream, the project, the design, the creation of components … during all phase, we will share emotions with you. You may ask for whatever intervention.


1. Listening and knowledge

We meet clients to listen to their dreams and needs, then we start a detailed analysis and inspection of the environments to guarantee the best solution.

2. Design and evaluation

The synergy with architects and interior designers allows us to structure customized spaces and identify the most suitable customized styles:  we check individual component, materials and finishes to define the final project.

3. Processing and preparation

We like handmade things, shaped by the skill and experience of our artisans. The manufacture takes place in our carpentry or in the companies we work with. We opt exclusively for top quality materials and take care of each piece directly. The final stages of the process are the preparation and assembly in which, side by side with the customer, we will create a functional space ready to be used.

4. Post-sales assistance

Our work continues over the years. We guarantee prompt assistance for maintenance and replacement of every component of the furniture, we collect of old furniture and suggest updates always in step with the times.

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